Energy from Waste Visitor Centre

To emphasise the green energy principles of the facility the design is realised almost entirely in cardboard with direct to media printing. We created an exciting and engaging environment, particularly for children, by creating free-standing 3D forms, bringing the subject to life and placing the benefits of energy-from-waste into an everyday context. The four theme sections are each represented by three dimensional engineered cardboard installations: a refuse truck for Waste, a house for Energy, a Suffolk landscape for Environment and the facility control room for Site.

Interactives for each section were designed and developed in-house at Designmap and we included digital touch screens, tactile games, audio and physical energy creation games to appeal to a broad range of learning styles. For the section dealing with Energy we devised a cycling game where visitors pedal modified bikes connected (via a bespoke software interface) to a large LCD screen. Players are asked to cycle to produce energy to match typical daily household consumption. The game is for two players and conveys, in a fun and memorable way that energy production must match consumption as it cannot be stored.

Designmap’s experience has been invaluable in guiding us through the process, which has taken longer than expected, but has resulted in a visitor centre we can be proud of. They were great at adapting ideas and coming up with solutions to problems - working closely with us to stick within the tight budget.

Manda Henry, Central Communications Manager, SITA UK