Visit Derry

Designmap were appointed with Hamilton Architects, by Derry City and Strabane District Council to design Derry’s new state of the art visitor experience and information centre. Designmap were responsible for interpretation planning, interior design, 3D, graphic and digital media design. The split level interior forms two sections. The upper space has high natural light levels and features a cast oak tree, as Derry takes its name from the Irish word for oak ‘Diore’. A bank of touch screen kiosks provides visitor information and a bespoke game based on Amelia Earhart’s famous crash landing near Derry following her first transatlantic solo flight.

The darker, lower space houses the immersive and interactive visitor experience. Highlights include a brick formation video wall inspired by the famous city walls, a touch wall projected interactive map of the city and a 4D immersive experience. The immersive experience puts the visitor in the cockpit of Amelia Earhart’s plane as she navigates the Atlantic storms on her way to become one of Derry’s most famous visitors. The first person experience ends by telling visitors to go out and experience the city for themselves.